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Marina News November 2018

E-Billing We have had a very high participation in e-billing since we changed to emailing bills. If you would like to receive your bills via mail, with a return envelope in them, we can still mail your bills out. Emailing is a much easier way for us to bill but we understand some folks like a good old fashion paper bill. If you wish to change from paper to email or email to paper just let us know. Naybor@bellsouth.net

Island Cove Marina improvements – As many of you already know we are planning an expansion of our docks and major improvements at Island Cove. We have removed the sunken barge from in front of A dock and have had the water flow tests completed as well as the surveying for a submerged land lease modification. We plan on replacing A dock (the shortest dock) with a much larger floating dock system. In addition to that we will be making improvements to the parking lot, grounds, and main building. We had hoped to have a permit this winter and have work completed for the summer of 2019. Unfortunately, the permit process is slow and very expensive. At this point we really have no idea when the permits will be approved or even if they will be approved. We will try to keep everyone informed with the process. Once we have a permit the process of ordering docks and the construction will take 6 months.

Fall is hereThe holiday season is upon us. If you wish to use the club house for a holiday party or family get together, you should reserve it as soon as you can. The calendar is filling up fast. We will be changing our office hours from seven days a week to Monday through Saturday 9 to 5.

November Events 

November 03, 2018 – Blue Angles homecoming show - National Naval Aviation Museum - viewing area

November 03, 2018 Bruce Beach Inaugural Paddle Fest - Location: Bruce Beach W. Main Street Pensacola, FL 32502

November 08-18, 2018 34th Annual Frank Brown Songwriters Festival           Various venues on Perdido Key

November 08-11, 2018 Cubed Luminous - Museum Plaza, Downtown Pensacola Church St., between Jefferson and Tarragona Streets

November 11, 2018 - 14th Annual Pensacola Marathon - Veteran's Memorial Park 10th Avenue Pensacola

November 16, 2018 Gallery Night - downtown Pensacola on Palafox Street

November 23, 2018 First City Lights Festival Lighting Ceremony

Downtown Pensacola S. Palafox Place Pensacola


Pensacola Marinas

Island Cove Marina

Palm Harbor Marina

Yacht Harbor Marina

q  1. Canvas removed

A.    Bimini

B.    Fly Bridge cover

C.    Windshield cover

D.    All other canvas

q  2. Remove sails

q  3. Dock boxes secured or removed (on boats and docks)

q  4. Remove all flags and flag staffs

q  5. Remove and store coolers

q  6. Remove and store deck furniture

q  7. Remove and store cushions

q  8. Remove and store life rings

q  9. Remove and store extra anchors

q  10. Remove and store any barbeques (rail or deck)

q  11. Remove and store bicycles

q  12. Remove and store dinghy

q  13. Remove and store any fenders not used

q  14. Remove and store any satellite dishes

q  15. Remove and store any fishing equipment

q  16. Remove all halyards

q  17. Adequate size lines

q  18. Insurance policy updated and on file at marina office

q  19. Disconnect and store water hoses and electric cords

q  20. Store any loose items, i.e. poles, gaff hooks, scrub brushes etc

q  21. Local contact:

                  a. Name______________________________

                  b. Address____________________________


                  c. Phone

                         Home: ___________________________

                         Office: ___________________________

                         Cell: _____________________________

q    22. Miscellaneous: ___________________________________

Acceptance of Responsibility________________________ Date___________

                                                          Vessel Owner

Pensacola Marina __________________________ Date___________                   


Pensacola Marinas

Island Cove Marina

Palm Harbor Marina

Yacht Harbor Marina

            At A Dock:

Members of the BoatUS Catastrophe team estimated that as many as 50% of the boats damaged during Hurricane Fran could have been saved by using better docklines: lines that were longer, larger, arranged better, and/or protected against chafing. If you decide to leave your boat at a dock, you'll need to devise a docking plan that is liable to be far different than your normal docking arrangement. By the time preparations are completed, your boat should resemble a spider suspended in the center of a large web. This web will allow the boat to rise on the surge, be bounced around by the storm, and still remain in position.

Take a look at your boat slip and its relation to the rest of the harbor. For most boats you'll want to arrange the bow toward open water or, lacking that, toward the least protected direction. This reduces windage. Next, look for trees, pilings, and dock cleats-anything sturdy-that could be used for securing docklines. With most docking arrangements, lines will have to be fairly taut if the boat is going to be kept away from pilings. The key to your docking arrangement is to use long lines,